A summer poem

I’ve been a little pre-occupied lately, between a busy few weeks at work, a trip home to catch up with the family and trying to squeeze in as much sunshine as possible, so my own writing has taken a backseat.

To force myself back into it, here’s a little poem I’ve penned, inspired by this beautiful wave of summer weather we’re currently experiencing in Belfast.


Woken by birdsong,
lullabied by sunstroke and cider fuelled squeals of neighbours meandering home.
Summer makes its presence known.

Everything’s bigger, brighter, better.
A kaleidoscope of colour
travels in the BBQ scented air,
changing the hue of our city from solemn grey to an optimistic azure blue.

Belfast’s old rain-drenched streets are renewed.
They glisten in the sunshine.

Strangers smile involuntarily.
We are happier, sappier, chattier
in the sun.

The occasional hothead,
trapped in a car with no air con,
tries to ruin it all with road rage.
The anger is short lived.
Summer wins.

We are invincible
in this, the most sanguine of seasons.

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