Still Trying to find The Write Road…

Once again, I have been conspicuous by my absence.

This year has been nothing if not eventful; some events happy, some not so but eventful nonetheless.

Last month I took a well-earned break and visited the brights lights of New York City for the first time. It was by far the best holiday I’ve ever had and proved to be the source of much inspiration. I have several travel features in progress, which I will share here in due course. I also have a little idea brewing for a short story following the trip, which might take me a little longer to get to.

Time has not been on my side recently. The PR world’s traditional crazy season (September-December) is in full swing and once you’re in its throws, it can be difficult to escape.

I probably will never be amongst the fraternity of new ‘Super-Bloggers’ churning out content each and every day. [More power to them but I don’t have the time, between work, family, friends and having a life]. I will however try to get better at making some time for my own writing. Even if it is only a little. And a little more often.

Any other writers out there that can share any pearls of wisdom – I’d love to hear from you.

Women with Extraordinary Stories

ocob2013_bookcover_finalI’ve been spending a little time dabbling with fiction recently, though none of it is polished enough to be published here just yet.  Tonight, I’m hoping to draw some inspiration from other writers at a special ‘Women with Extraordinary Stories’ event.

The event is being hosted by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland as part of this month’s One City, One Book initiative. Throughout May, events have been held across Belfast to celebrate the latest novel by local author, Lucy Caldwell All the Beggars Riding. The initiative is essentially a community reading programme, which has, over the last month, encouraged everyone to read and discuss Lucy’s latest novel.

I’ll hold my hands up at this point and admit that I haven’t read the book, but I do intend to. Regrettably, I’ve also missed a lot of the One City, One Book events this month but I’m glad to be getting along to this one.

Tonight’s event will feature the stories of two incredible women:

Journalist Letitia Fitzpatrick will join Lucy Caldwell to discuss her experience of living with loss, following the death of her husband from cancer.

Melanie Grimsley, who survived a horrific car fire as a child and endured hundreds of operations, will tell her story to journalist, Ivan Little. The Fermanagh mum of two is now training to be a lawyer and recently published her autobiography.

I have the greatest admiration for these women and hope that hearing their stories tonight will give me a renewed enthusiasm to get back to my own writing.  For anyone that’s interested in coming along, the event takes place tonight (Monday 27th May) at the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Malone Road, Belfast at 6pm. The event is free to attend.